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Anyone who has planned a wedding will tell you there’s a difference between knowing how many invitations were sent and how many guests will attend. Unless those invitations come with a call to RSVP, you’ll never know exactly how many guests you’ll have, and you may end up with way too much or too little of everything.

It’s the same with lead generation. Unless you’re validating all of your website conversions, you’ll never know how many true sales leads you actually have. Nearly one-half of all conversions are things other than sales leads — including customer service requests and incomplete form submissions — so being able to validate which ones are leads and which aren’t is crucial.

Check out the following presentation to get a sense of how important lead validation is for your website. Your sales leads won’t RSVP, so it’s up to you to confirm the guest list. Additional components to help confirm this guest list as well as increase the number of attendees are Sales Automation and Lead Nurturing.

Aaron Wittersheim is Chief Operating Officer at Internet marketing agency Straight North. His focus is on Internet marketing and website services, and technology.

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