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Custom B2B Prospect List Generation

The SimpleData prospect database allows for immensely diverse custom searches that allow you to get as granular in your prospecting as you need to be.

Attributes such as:

  • Email address
  • Industry
  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Job title, and
  • Location

Create any number and any size of lists in order to optimize your campaign performance and begin expanding your sales funnel

Self Managed

With our self managed option, we provide you with access to the SimpleData platform so that you can work at your own speed to create fully integrated custom sales campaigns that generate real results.


Of course, we also offer the best of both worlds where we provide just enough insight and hand-holding to allow you to be successful.

Fully Customized

If you would prefer to take a hands-off approach, our expert team can work with you to define your specific target audience and to create lists on your behalf.